R  E  C  H  T  S  A  N  W  A  L  T Jörg-Henning von Winterfeld * The sentence is a quotation from a letter from Frederick II. of Prussia to Voltaire dated 11/22/1738. - One must commence with cognition, in order to learn to judge. - Law Office I  am pleased with  your interest in the website  of my law office and would  like to offer you a warm welcome !  Businesses,  entrepreneurs  and private  individuals are advised  in certain  areas of civil and business law and - whenever necessary - represented in extrajudicial and/or  judicial  proceedings.  Aim  is always to reach the best possible  result in regard  to the  individual  case and accompanying  circumstances,  whereby  that does not necessarily correspond with juridical success. Motto  Guideline to my work is my motto: “ Il faut commencer par connaître, pour apprendre à juger; ... . “ * It  admonishes  to carefully  investigate the facts  of a case first before  forming an opinion on it and is a reminder to scrutinize one`s own expertise, to acknow- ledge its  scope as  well as to  act accordingly. If need be, I  will recommend  to retain  a  different  adviser (e.g.  specialist lawyer,  tax-advisers), either  for  the entire case or just certain aspects of it. ____________________